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SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY TIP NO.9: Reframing the Same Scene From Different Angles

I’m quite proud of this tip because it is super simple & super helpful. And we love simple & helpful, don’t we?

So let’s talk about reframing the same scene from different angles. Let’s say you are baking Nigella Lawson’s Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies & you want to photograph the tray of freshly baked cookies so you can write a post about it at a later stage. Without drawing too much attention to yourself by doing weird stuff in the kitchen, try out a few variations of the same scene.

For example:

  1. A single cookie up close

  2. A ‘pull back’ shot where we see the whole row of cookies

  3. The tray shot from above (know as a ‘flat lay’)

Remember to use a mix of horizontal and vertical shots. Vertical is perfect for Instagram stories, horizontal often works better for Facebook posts. Also, think about how your shot will crop to square for your Instagram feed If you want something to fit in that square, think about keeping important parts of the shot away from the edges of the frame.

If you take a mix of both for the same shot, it will give you more choice later on and you will always have what you need.

totally chocolate chocolate chip cookies


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