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The number one reason why you’re scared of selling..

Picture this: You've got this amazing product or service that you KNOW can change lives, make things easier for your audience, or bring pure joy to your ideal clients.

But every time you even THINK about selling it, a tidal wave of fear rushes in and you feel a bit sick in your mouth. 🤮

Sound familiar at all?

I’m guessing it might.

Let's dive right into the NUMBER ONE reason why you're scared of selling (spoiler alert: it's a biggie!):

FEAR OF REJECTION. Yep, you heard me right. 🙈

You're afraid that when you put yourself and your offer out there, people will say "NO." They might not get what you're offering, they might straight-up reject it and maybe they’ll even think you’re annoying for putting it out there “Ugh, there she goes again, asking people to buy her stuff. The audacity!”

But here's the deal – fear of rejection is like wearing a straitjacket in your business. It keeps you from stepping into your power and sharing your amazing gifts with the world.

So, what can you do to kick this fear to the curb and start selling like a champ? I have 5 nuggets of advice for you (I find number 5 especially inspiring)

1️⃣ Reframe rejection: Instead of seeing it as a personal failure, view it as a valuable learning experience. Every "no" gets you closer to a "YES!" 💪

2️⃣ Practice makes perfect: The more you put yourself out there, the less rejection will sting. It's like building a muscle – the more you flex it, the stronger it gets. 🏋️‍♀️

3️⃣ Believe in your VALUE: Remember that what you're offering has the potential to change lives. When you believe in your product or service, that confidence shines through in your sales pitch. 🌟

4️⃣ Connect with your people: Find your ideal clients who genuinely NEED what you're offering. When you're speaking to the right people, rejection becomes less likely. 🎯

5️⃣ Embrace NO as a stepping stone: Some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs faced countless rejections before hitting it big - J K Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney…🧚🏻

I’m thinking of putting together a masterclass on ‘How to Sell Without

Being Annoying’ - drop me a line here if you're ready to step into your selling superpower and would love to attend!

Let's flip the script together and start selling with confidence and conviction! The fear of rejection is just a hurdle on your path to success. Keep pushing forward, embrace it, and learn from it.


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