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What is a Power session?

Does it have something to do with lifting heavy stuff? Punching things? Or being Bruce Almighty?

Not quite.

Let me explain

A power session is:

👊🏻A 90 minute makeover for your business.

👊🏻A business first-aid session.

👊🏻A taste of what it’s like to work with me 1:1 as your coach.

👊🏻It’s an invitation to stop working IN your business and step back to work ON your business.

👊🏻An opportunity to have someone objective take a look at your business and see what’s working for you, what could be working better, where you’re struggling, what you could be doing differently.

👊🏻It’s a chance to pick away at my brain and benefit from the billions of hours that I have spent watching YouTube, attending webinars & masterminds, completing online trainings and reading hundreds of business & marketing books!

It’s a deep dive into

✨What lights you up

✨What your brand values are

✨What makes you unique

✨What you stand for and against

✨What the experience of working with you/buying from you is like

📣What’s included:

⚡️A pre-session questionnaire to clarify the focus of our session

⚡️A 90 minute power session, in person or over Zoom (in person takes place in Raanana)

⚡️Post session support Voxer for 3 days

📣 What’s the price

⚡️A power session costs 600 NIS/ 200 USD and can be split into 2 payments

Your power session will give you a much-needed dose of clarity and focus in a safe and non judgmental space, where we challenge existing beliefs that aren’t serving you, and map out steps to help you start moving forward in a new direction!

🔗 Click here to book your session today!


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