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So here’s your chance to pick away at my brain and benefit from the billions of hours that I have spent watching YouTube, attending webinars, completing online trainings and reading blogs!

600 NIS / 200 USD per session

90 minutes per session

These 1:1 supercharged trainings are just the right place for things like:

Social media marketing lessons (Instagram is my main jam)

Creating marketing graphics in Canva

Scheduling posts to social media user the ‘Later’ website

Creating content and using a content calendar

business coaching israel

Power Session

Getting to grips with ‘All the Things’ can be so overwhelming and reducing my clients’ overwhelm is a real superpower of mine!

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sarah raanan business coach israel

During the initial, introductory power session, we will:

  • Establish where you are right now in your business & identify your main struggles

  • Get clear on what your main goals are

  • Narrow down & define the right direction and platforms for you based on your brand & your target audience

  • Plan your next steps & what to cover in future trainings!

Whether you want to call it training, coaching or mentoring, our 1:1 Zoom sessions are dedicated to providing you with practical advice that you can implement easily, a fresh pair of eyes on your business & someone to share your ideas or concerns with. 

Remember, your power sessions are structured around YOU.

They are tailored specifically to your business needs, your questions and your struggles. Just what you need right now, amiright?

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