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Business Coaching

Helping solo business owners to establish a clear and doable path towards building a profitable & organized business, without stress & overwhelm!

Being successful means different things to different people but as business owners, we all need our businesses to make a profit, and make sure we’re not just running an expensive hobby. 

Fact No.1: No one can buy from you if you are a well-kept secret.

Fact No. 2: To create a successful business, people need to know about you;

they need to see you.

Fact No.3: I know it’s not that simple...

Being visible can feel:






…especially if you tend to be more of a quiet, reserved, private person. 


Showing up authentically in your business doesn't have to be hard; it can be as easy as being yourself!

You may worry about who might be watching your videos or reading your posts, who’s thinking you’re cringey or an attention seeker, and perhaps the thought of that judgment makes you feel self conscious.

And so you and your business stay hidden in the shadows where your ideal paying clients can't find you. 


How do I know all of this? Because as special as you are, you are not alone! Believe it or not, I felt exactly the same when I got started.

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I know what it means to hide. I was the shyest and most introverted kid in town.

I couldn’t talk in class without blushing and making eye contact during conversations terrified me.

So when it came to dipping my toe in the video-making waters a few years ago, I was more than reluctant.

But I came to realize, even before Reels and TikTok were born, that adding video to my marketing strategy & showing my face, was a must.

Over the years, I have learned how to build a reputation for myself despite the fear and now I help my clients to do the same.

As we work together to unpack the fear, challenge the inner critics and develop a personalized visibility strategy, you’ll see a beautiful transformation take place. You’ll know how you want to show up. You’ll understand what your magic is, who you are here to serve, how you can communicate with them and how you can show up online for them and be proudly visible in a way that feels good (darn it, not just good, amazing!) to you.


Taking one easy and manageable step at a time, we can get your business in front of your ideal clients.

In addition, I am a qualified Conscious Consultant Certified (CCC) Business Coach, accredited by The CPD Certification Service & the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (two global training accreditation boards), so we won't be drawing the line at getting over your fear of showing up.

Hell no!

I have so much more to offer you!


The CCC framework  takes a holistic approach to coaching, so as well as all the working on the important building blocks of your business, such as:


  • Researching & defining your ideal clients, 

  • Knowing your target audience, 

  • Creating foundations for your online business.

  • Nailing your brand voice, values & vision, 

  • Developing a marketing & sales strategy 


(and much more) 

We will also dive into the psychology behind all the issues that have been holding you back in your business, by using energy clearing methods (which are basically total magic). 


By using these clearing methods, we can tackle old stories that no longer serve you and release the things that are standing in the way of you being utterly brilliant!


Business Coaching Package

1:1 Coaching Program. 4 months of me & you, working on creating foundations for your online business. Working on your brand, your mindset, your vision, your marketing & sales strategy, your ideal paying clients & soooo much more.





(With a payment plan of up to 12 payments at no extra cost)

⁣This unique business coaching process will open up your whole world as well as your business!

I will help you to get crystal clear on :

  • Who you are at your core

  • What’s been holding you back

  • What your values are

  • What you offer that is special & brilliant

  • What is no longer serving you

  • Who your ideal audience is 

and help you to make a solid strategy for your business, marketing on social media & your overall online presence


Taking one easy and manageable step at a time, we can get your business in front of your ideal clients with practical, simple steps to implement what you’ve learned, while I cheer you on all the way!

With my 1:1 Business Coaching program, you get 4 months of me & you, working on your brand, your mindset, your vision, your energy, your content strategy, your ideal clients & soooo much more.


I will hold your hand as you make a commitment to show up with courage and authenticity at your own pace.

What you’ll get

1 x 90 minute kick off session where we run a full business audit & identify the gaps that need plugging

A 1:1 Zoom coaching call every other week (1 hour) with time in between to implement

All Zoom sessions, homework and materials are stored in Trello for ease of use & access

1:1 coaching program for 4 months, covering the 5 pillars of  research, strategy, marketing, operations & mindset

Access to me via Slack throughout our 4 month journey for feedback, support and general questions

(office hours Sun-Thurs 10am-2pm) 

Energy clearing sessions where we work with your energy system to remove stuck, stagnant energy, clearing the way for so much growth!

The kick off session will help us define and build out your very own customized 4 month program, including but not limited to:

  • Mindset work including helping you to feel more comfortable with putting yourself out there & showing up online, energy clearing and how to protect your energy, dealing with Impostor Syndrome and any limiting beliefs about your capabilities

  • Market research & competitor analysis 

  • Getting clear on your brand vibe, vision & values

  • Understand who your ideal clients are

  • Engagement strategy for your platform(s) of choice

  • Networking online & offline

  • Mapping out a revenue model & nailing down revenue streams

  • Creating a content strategy & a 30 day Content calendar

  • Creating a content repurposing system

  • Write engaging copy, captions, hooks & CTAs

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Get started on your coaching journey today for only 1,600 NIS/442 USD*






*(With a payment plan of up to 12 payments at no extra cost)

If you are looking for a drill sergeant, someone who is going to boss you around and bark orders at you, I am most definitely not your person.

But if you’re looking for honesty, support, hand holding and someone to hold a mirror up and show you your brilliance, I’m your gal. 

It's time to say goodbye to your fears
It’s time to become all that you can be
It’s time to return home to yourself
It’s time to write a new story
It’s time to be boldly visible, nail your colors to the mast and show up as the face of your brand


“With every booming industry comes unethical practices and inexperienced service providers. The online business world is no different. It's littered with unqualified business coaches sharing hand-me-down strategies that don't work. Sadly, in their wake are a long list of clients that they’ve not only failed to help, but they’ve actually caused harm with their lack of skill and care. It's time for change!”
- Gemma Went


Yes Sarah, I'm ready to become all that I can be!

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