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According to research, 9 out of 10 people trust what previous clients have to say about a business, more than what that business says about itself. No problema!

I have plenty of rave reviews to share with you. Take a look at what some of my clients have said about their experience with me.

israel portrait photographer

"Had the absolute pleasure and privilege to work with Sarah recently. She’s awesome! Made a point of getting to know me and what was needed prior to the shoot, put me at ease on the day and produced some photos that felt true to me. Thanks Sarah - you’re a star."


- Anthea Sheahan, Managing Director of Cuclaco

israel headshots photographer

“Sarah is unbelievable. From the get go, she supports you in finding what your needs are and she goes beyond to ensure that they are met. Sarah has a natural gift at making clients feel comfortable, relaxed and have fun while she capture beautiful pictures. I can not recommend her enough, she is worth every penny."

- Leah Peleg, Intimacy Coach at ‘The Joy of Intimacy’

affordable photographer israel

“I was excited but super nervous about my session with Sarah. Working together during the session was the perfect balance of her getting me in great positions for shots and listening to what I wanted and thought might be good as well. I am now looking forward to when I need new photos and get to work with Sarah again.”

- Samantha Bronstein of

best headshot photographer israel

“Sarah helped me through every step, from choosing what to wear to thinking of props which would help make each photo unique and interesting. The pictures are wonderful and are a great help to me in telling the story of what I do. I also enjoyed the experience!  Happy to recommend working with Sarah!”

- Malka Neustadter, Relationship coach aka CoachMalka

israel female photographer

“Sarah’s magic lies in her ability to capture the look you always dreamt of when you practiced in the mirror
and never quite managed. But there it is through her lens- you being the most, best, lightest you.And people see the shots and say “that’s IT, that’s YOU”. I just want to work with Sarah again because apart from being hysterical in the best sense, she makes me want to see me.”

-Joolz Brown, Translator, Editor & Proofreader Extraordinaire

israel branding photographer

“Today is a day that will go down in history. It was probably the first time in 20+ years that I didn’t head for the hills when someone was pointing a camera at me. During my photoshoot, Sarah somehow worked some serious sorcery; she immediately put my mind at ease and really made me feel comfortable in my own skin. And the proof was in the pics. I saw myself happy, confident, and beautiful. I can’t thank you enough Sarah. I couldn’t have asked for a better photoshoot experience."

- Melissa Singer, Content Strategist

israel branding portraits

“I loved my experience with Sarah. I scheduled my session on my birthday and it was the best gift that I could give myself, to spend time with my brand, to think about the messages that I wanted to share and Sarah is great at helping defining those messages and giving a greater meaning to those pictures. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who has a message to share and wants to express it through their pictures.”

- Nathalie Garson of ‘Born to Do Business’

female branding photographer israel

“The only problem with Sarah's photography sessions is that they're addictive! Seriously, I love the photos so much! The experience was so much fun and so relaxing. I want to do this every month now. I have so much great material for social media and my website, and the photos are super on brand for me. If you're thinking about working with Sarah, don't hesitate!” 

- Yael Bendahan, Business Coach & Digital Marketing Strategist

female israel photographer

“This lady is some kind of wizard. I'm not sure how she coaxed what she did out of me and my dog, but somehow, she's made a whole gallery of the most amazing pictures I've ever seen of myself. Sarah is the best types of photographer - warm, fun to be around and she just relaxes you. She also made me some very lovely chocolate biscuits, which tbh, means now she's a friend for life.”

- Felicity Kay, ‘The Content Expert’

israel branding photos

“I booked Sarah for her branding photos package. She went out of her way to find the perfect location, and was very clear about anything I needed to bring with me. She then made sure I felt comfortable and we chatted away throughout the session. The photos feel very authentic, at the same time as making me feel like I look great! Not an easy feat to pull off. Thank you so much Sarah.”

- Michelle Lewis of Soul Connection Israel

israel branding photo

“Getting professional photos felt as w*nky as I could get when it comes to entrepreneur life and so I was very unsure and uncomfortable about doing it. That being said it felt like I needed the shots so I did it anyway and my god what a difference it has made. It might sound weird but since I’ve had the photographs I feel more confident and also more like a “proper” business person. Sarah made me feel comfortable being uncomfortable and was a true pleasure to work with, if you’re on the fence just get off it and get it done, you won’t regret it one bit. Thanks so much for a wonderful day and an amazing set of photos I’ll be using EVERYWHERE.”

- Matthew Hughes, Video Trainer & Coach at King of Video

affordable israel branding photos

“I just had my second photoshoot with Sarah. My first one was a year ago. As my business evolved, I wanted to have a closer match of pictures to my new messaging. The pictures are incredible and again totally reflect who I am and my message.Plus some pictures that will be used for branding and social media as place holders. Love working with Sarah. No need for make up (the real me), no need for special lighting, no need for photoshop. Just the real you, shining from those pictures. I feel a yearly shoot should definitely be part of my marketing plan now. Thank you for a fun morning and some fabulous new pictures to use.”

- Anne Iarchy, Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle Coach

branding photos israel

“Sarah is not only a total professional but also has an amazing ability to get shots of you looking your best even when you may be feeling your worst! Brilliant work, gorgeous human, thank you"

- Paula McGeown, Lawyer

branding photo package israel

“Sarah was such fun to work with and super professional. She managed to capture the feel of my therapy center and bring it to life in her fabulous photographs. As I was a little nervous in the beginning, she asked me take her around and show her what I do there. Then as we went along she could catch me at my happiest, laughing and feeling relaxed doing what I love to do. That is truly her magic.”

- Elizabeth Kay, Art & Garden Therapist

branding photography israel

“Wow, wow &  thrice wow. As a self confessed camera shy man I have always been less than keen to get my pictures taken. That changed with Sarah. Not only did she make me feel totally at ease but I actually enjoyed it, like really enjoyed it. On top of all that, the photo's are banging. Amazingly skilled woman.  If you need branding pictures done, look noooooooo further. She is right here. Unless you actually like rubbish pictures, in which case Sarah is not for you. I am a very happy chap, thank you.”

- Gareth Riddy, Movement Therapist

amazing branding photographers israel

“My shoot with Sarah was exceptional from start to finish. I adored seeing my Pinterest board of ideas and talking through our aims. On the day Sarah made is so easy to feel comfortable, and we had such a fun, chilled time. The images themselves are phenomenal; Sarah has a gift for really "seeing" her clients, and I was blown away by the results. Having the images has made it so easy to be visible, and everyone has been commenting on how amazing the shots are, and so "me"! I can't recommend this awesome lady and her lens enough.”

- Jo Gifford, Personal Branding Consultant

israel branding photos

“I’d been meaning to get new pics for for AGES. My business has changed so much over the past couple of years and I needed my photos to reflect that. When I saw the shoot Sarah had done for (the equally magical!) Jo Gifford last year, I knew she was my woman. I needed someone who was fun and would help me feel natural (even when I was posing on a street in the middle of London). Sarah did just that! As soon as I saw the photos, I LOVED them. And so did everyone else! Whenever I post one or share with someone as part of my media kit, people comment on how brilliant they are. It’s really important to me that my true essence comes through in everything I do and Sarah absolutely captured that. Having this selection of photos makes life so much easier. I don’t have to scramble to find a photo every time someone asks for one or I want to create a post on social. It feels like my photos have finally caught up with where I actually am in my life and business.” 

- Nicola Humber, Author & founder of The Unbound Press

israel branding photos for women

“When I turned up to our shoot I'd seen Sarah's work, met her via Zoom (and various places on Facebook) and had heard lots of good things about her but wasn't really sure what to expect on the shoot itself or what I'd get out at the end. If I'm honest I wasn't overly sure what I wanted, I just knew what I didn't want - which probably made Sarah's job even more tricky. The whole experience was great fun - I just did what I felt like doing - talked, drank coffee, wrote, read, waved my arms around...whatever - while she snapped away.The best photos were definitely the ones that I didn't know she was taking at the time. The end result was awesome - very "me" and 100% what I wanted.  I can't wait to do another shoot.”

- Kirsty Starmer, Performance & Delivery Specialist

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