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Sarah Raanan Photography – The New, Improved, Fabulous, Gorgeous Web Site!!!

As I sit here amongst 85 shipping boxes (and counting), I had to take a moment to announce that my new site is READY!!!

Oh my goodness, what a lot of hard work that was! I am so thrilled with it and so excited to start blogging here as soon as I can I could never have got this done and looking anywhere near as gorgeous as it does, without the help of the following people:

Joell Parkos (Image Garden) my website designer

Trish Robertson (Orange Gecko Designs) my graphic designer

Shari Teigman my spectacular assistant/consultant/friend extraordinaire

My husband James and my poor, neglected children 🙂

Thank you all, I am so thrilled..

I have no time to even post an image, but all in good time. My sessions this summer were all incredible and I cant wait to tell you all about them!…

Stay tuned, must get back to packing 🙂



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