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So, obviously I don’t know what/who you’re planning on photographing for your bank of stock images this summer (don’t know what i mean by that? Here’s a recap for you)

But, let’s say you’re a coach of some sort. Maybe a parenting coach? And you want some photos of your kids interacting that you can use online, without having to show their faces looking at the camera full on (privacy & all that)

I’ve spoken before about my issue with the whole ‘say cheese’ thing. As tempting as it is to get people to look at you & say ‘cheese’ when you are photographing them, please TRUST ME when I say it’s not going to enhance your images and more to the point, it will most probably ruin them.

When you are looking to take natural photos of people, especially if we are trying to obscure their identity a little, you need to aim for candids like the one above, where there was no need to give him any direction or disturb him in the moment and he wasn’t looking at the camera.

When you avoid the temptation to ‘say cheese’, you are capturing the mood & scene as is. You could also choose to photograph the scene from behind or from the side, which will also make sure to keep the faces more anonymous and still capture the scene naturally.


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