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Janine asked me to take her head shots a while back and I have been so excited for this opportunity. Like most people who come to me for head shots, they tell me they are yet to like a professional photo of themselves, something is always wrong, something might need Photo-shopping and that basically I have the biggest challenge ahead of me. I usually just say “yes ok” and laugh to myself…

I adore Janine. She has a wonderful, quirky sense of humor and she’s a master story-teller. She always looks like she’s got a funny joke on her mind about to spill out of her mouth. She’s so very kind; in the 20 odd years I’ve known her, I don’t remember her ever saying a bad word about anyone, no matter how hard I might try to draw it out of her. Oh and she cooks like a BOSS.

She made Aliya to Raanana about 10 years ago with her husband and 3 girls and now has 4 girls and a dog with a plastic bottle fetish.

Janine has been teaching cooking for over 20 years, from individual tailor made classes to large groups. She also works as a private chef and demonstrates at corporate events. Janine has her own wonderful style of teaching and  gives the BEST tips with a huge banquet of food at the end of the class; I love to attend whenever I can.

Janine has published articles on various topics from ‘how to feed your family on a healthy diet’ to ‘entertaining for the festivals’. Her recipes are always delicious and tailored towards ingredients that are in season and available here in Israel.

To contact Janine for more information on her classes you can email her at

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun in the making of these head shots and her personality just shines through. How could it not? <3





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