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What is your brand identity?

What is your Brand Identity?

Spoiler – and you may have heard this before – it is not your logo.

Your brand identity consistently dictates everything about your business, from the feel of your logo(yes, it is still important in the whole picture), to the way you write your advertising copy. It comes across in your discovery calls, the way you package your products and how you handle complaints from clients. It’s your voice, your value, your vibe, your visuals your…other words with a v? It’s how you make people feel, every time they experience you.

*What lights you up? What matters to you? What gets your goat? What are you really passionate about? What is the emotion behind your brand?*

Out of all the millions of people who do what you do, what makes you different to them? And don’t say ‘nothing’ because it’s just not true. How do you do things differently? People are buying into you, into your ‘why’, not just what you’re selling but why you exist as a company. They are buying into the story you are telling.

If I visit a website and it doesn’t light me up or it just falls flat – what is to stop me from moving on? You got it – nothing. Consumers hold so much power today; they have so many choices, they are so much more informed than they used to be. Why not shop around and find a company that you click with, a company that GETS you? And then once you find that company, and they consistently deliver what you are looking for, they have won your loyalty. Eg., I discovered Benefit in 2008 and I am still loyal to them all these years later. I have no reason to look elsewhere because they are giving me exactly what I am after and I am a loyal member of their family.

So, if I asked you for you elevator pitch, right now, what would it be? And what is the story you are telling us?


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