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3 Things I Do To Prepare Myself For When Creativity Leaves The Building

When Creativity Leaves The Building When Creativity Leaves The Building

🧨Over the last few weeks my brain has been on fire; in a good way. In the very best of ways. Whilst I enjoyed the creativity burst, I was very mindful to go with the flow & enjoy the wave that had washed over me, but also be aware of the fact that the tide could go out at any point. Not in a way that caused me to dread it, or sit in wait for it. Rather just from experience, I know that creativity rises and falls for me in this very dramatic and rather spectacular way.

🗝And I have started to build in ways to remind myself not to worry or fear this part of the process; that as suddenly as the tide went out, it will be back in full force just as quickly & dramatically!

🌊Well, this week the tide went out. And the amazing thing is that this time I was ready for it. I did 3 things to help me prepare : Want to hear about them? Of course you do!

1️⃣ Prevent panic over what to post by stocking up on content during the periods of abundance. I like to make content boards on Trello & every time I have an idea, I store it up there, like Joseph storing up his crops for the seven years of famine ahead. I personally don’t think this is a negative way to think, it feels practical and realistic to me & it takes away that feeling of dread. And I find that this makes space to invite creativity back in. Whenever she is ready. No pressure.

2️⃣ Schedule some video chats with people who inspire me – this always works for me. Getting on calls, especially my ‘Stop & Smell the Coffee’ calls, always lifts my mood and leaves me with new ideas to play with.

3️⃣ During my happiest & most creative points, I make sure to open up my list of things that ground me & make me feel better. The list has really grown over the last few months! Here’s the story so far:

🧿Infused oils. I fell in love with the Bloomtown range, but I also love Neal’s Yard.

🧿 Food care: roasting some root veggies or beets, making poke bowls, freshly cooked greens and salads.

🧿Practicing good sleep hygiene : e.g, phone plugged in out of the room, all the light panels covered over in the room, no watching news before bed, asleep before 11pm

🧿Listening to music & singing : especially alone in the car

🧿Getting out of my bubble: Trips to the beach, monthly pub quiz (ah those were the days), a date with a friend

🧿Being with nature: walks, trees, the sea, watering the garden, smelling the earth, planting

🧿Gentle exercise: especially yoga

🧿Drinking water, berries & ice

🧿Baking challah: I love every part of the process. And eating it too.

🧿Joyful activities with my kids: simple things. Need more of these at the moment, need to rethink what that would look like.

🧿Journaling: I especially try to focus on gratitude journaling. I find it really comforting

🧿Listen to a guided meditation: I love listening to Gareth Riddy’s ‘heart coherence’ meditation

🧿Travel ( I didn’t delete this one, because even though we cant fly, we can still travel the country..)

🧿Listening to one of my fave podcasts: at the moment that’s either ‘Ear Hustle’, ‘Imagined Life’ or ‘TTFA’

🧿Reading the reviews on my website: such a good reminder of why I do what I do.

🧿Comedy: Eddie Izzard or Michael McIntyre can NEVER fail

I’d also like to get myself a smoky quartz crystal, to help ground and connect me to the earth.

What else would you add to the list? What makes you feel grounded?


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