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Visibility Coaching

It’s no good having amazing products and services, creating killer offers and being brilliant at what you do, if no-one knows about it… 

Being visible online is the single most important thing you can do for your business in this uber-connected age. 

But I see business owners everywhere tying themselves up in knots over it, overthinking it and spending way more time online than they need to.

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I have so many conversations with clients who are worried about coming across as full of themselves, vain, or money-grabbing.

They stress about being too different, too casual, too much. They can't get their heads around all the many moving parts of Instagram. There is so much to do, so much to learn, so little time & it all feels like a major headache. And they usually neglect to do any of the groundwork, so nothing really makes much sense.​

If this sounds a teensy bit familiar to you, chances are that you’re going to love my visibility coaching package.


Your coaching sessions with me will give you some much needed clarity, help you set realistic goals & then go smash them, without getting overwhelmed, sobbing into your pillow in despair, or trying to beat the bloody algorithm!

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Visibility Coaching Package

3,800 NIS / approx 1,105 USD


6 x 1.5 hr coaching sessions (recorded) over Zoom, including tutorials, mindset work, competitor analysis, homework, problem solving, goal setting & more!

A customized action plan with recommendations for moving forward, plus a 30 day content calendar.


With a payment plan at no extra cost: 4 equal payments of 950 NIS / approx $276

The Process

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Ok Sarah, I’m ready!

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