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How To Optimise Your Blog Post Titles So They Are SEO-Friendly⁠

Updated: May 1, 2022

I know that using ‘SEO’ and ‘optimise’ in the same sentence is enough to make people run for the hills, but bear with me because I feel a lightbulb moment or two, coming up really soon.⁠ I don’t know how you pick your topics when you post to social media but here is a novel idea💡:

Create posts for you social media platforms, based on topics that your audience want to hear about!⁠ Having even the vaguest SEO strategy when selecting your topics to post about on social media, can only benefit you in the long-term.⁠ Ok but how to figure out what your audience want to hear about?! Of course you could ask them but from my experience, when you put up a post saying “what do you want me to post about?”, unless you are Brené Brown, the answers don’t always tend to flood in. So, my suggestion is this ( I wish you could see how excited I am about this. But you cant. You will just have to trust me):⁠ Let’s say you are a nutritionist; you feel like you are repeating yourself with your posts & not quite hitting the mark.⁠ Off you trot to⁠ You type the word ’nutrition’ into the search bar and BOOM! You have 80 brand new ideas of things to write about. What kind of results did I get when I searched ‘nutrition’? – here are the first 8 results that came back (they all come from the column of results that start with ‘are’:)⁠ ❓are nutrition labels accurate⁠ ❓are nutrition facts for cooked or uncooked⁠ ❓are nutrition labels required⁠ ❓are nutrition bars healthy⁠ ❓are nutrition shakes healthy⁠ ❓are nutrition stores open⁠ ❓are nutrition classes hard⁠ ❓are nutrition shakes good for you⁠ Now, out of those 80 results, some of them aren’t going to be any good for you BUT some of them will spark fireworks and aha moments in your brain.

⁠ Get.your.pen.and.paper.ready…

How to Optimise your Blog Post Titles How to Optimise your Blog Post Titles

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