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How do I get people to interact more with my content?

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

aka a quick introduction to CTAs

A Call to Action is an essential part of your content marketing & social media strategy; but are you neglecting to add CTAs to your copy? If so you may be leaving your precious content dead in the water, without a chance of converting or hitting the mark in the way that you had hoped. Knowing how to write a kick-ass CTA that gets your reader to act on the spot, is the critical key to saving your content from drowning.

When it comes to CTAs, Nobody likes being bossed about BUT we also don’t like being left in the dark; haven’t you ever thought to yourself: OK, I’ve read your post, now what? You’re just going to leave me here with a lame “get in touch”? That’s like saying “let’s do coffee sometime.”When have you ever done coffee with someone by saying “sometime” – never, right? Coffee only happens when you get very clear on when, where & what time (and which type of milk.) Your CTA needs to prompt someone to take immediate action!

Take a step back and ask yourself these questions before you start writing:
PURPOSE: “what is the purpose of this post today?” “What is my desired outcome? Do I really want someone to like the post or would i much rather they DM me for a link to book a call with me? Which one of those has the most potential to give me my desired outcome?
KEEP IT SIMPLE: Oh god, don’t tell me to like/comment/share/save/do the Hokey Cockey because I just wont! That was too many things – give me just one thing at a time, and be clear & concise!
REMEMBER THE WHY AS WELL AS THE WHAT: Remember to explain WHY people should act now; e.g, “Places on the course are limited, so sign up TODAY to secure your spot.” The more you can include a WHY to back up the WHAT, with a nice sprinkling of urgency, the stronger your CTA will be.
DON’T OVERDO IT: Not EVERY post it suitable for a call to action (although most are). Make sure that your CTA is always relevant & required, otherwise get rid of it!
REMEMBER THE DMs: Using direct messaging is really useful when it comes to getting in touch with potential clients & giving them more info than what you managed to fit into the 2,200 characters of your Instagram post, especially when you need to send them links.
We have become very lazy consumers and you are battling for our attention so why aren’t you making things easier? Removing barriers? Yes, I could go find your Facebook business page and from there look up your website and eventually find your number, then store that number in my phone and send you a WhatsApp, but wouldn’t it be so much smoother if you told me to DM you so you could send me a clickable link to book a direct call with you?

And while we are getting ranty (we=me), do not tell me that you don’t have ideas of what to ask because there are sooooo many things you could be asking, and they don’t all start with “BUY”
Ok fiiiiiine. I’m making you a list of some really effective CTAs that you can swipe & use.

But in order to get your hands on it, you need to follow my CTA & Click here to get your FREE download of ’20 of My Most Favourite Calls To Action!’

Do it now before you forget!!!
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