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It’s no good having amazing products and services, creating killer offers and being brilliant at what you do, if no-one knows about it… 

Being visible online is the single most important thing you can do for your business in this uber-connected age. But I see business owners everywhere tying themselves up in knots over it, overthinking it and spending way more time online than they need to.
I have so many conversations with clients who are worried about coming across as full of themselves, vain, or money-grabbing. They stress about being too different, too casual, too much.


And they can't get their heads around all the many moving parts of Instagram. There is so much to do, so much to learn, so little time & it all feels like a major headache.

They often end up ignoring all the things that make them unique and fabulous and instead they show up as half-baked imitations of everyone else they follow. And they usually neglect to do any of the groundwork so they don't really have a clue what they are doing it all for.

If this sounds like a peek inside your life right now, then you may well be a perfect fit for my Instagram coaching package.

It is designed to change how you use Instagram forever, without getting overwhelmed, sobbing into your pillow in despair, or trying to beat the bloody algorithm! 


So let’s get going!

Being a highly visual person, I’ve centred my packages around Instagram. It’s my platform of choice for getting you and your brand out there quickly and consistently. However, once you’ve learned the basics on one social media tool, the principles are the same across most other platforms 

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Instagram Coaching Package:

2,000 NIS | 490GBP | 660 USD

Are you brand new to Instagram & a little bit overwhelmed? How about you get started the right way without all the guessing & stressing?!
Been using it for years? When was the last time you stepped back and reviewed what’s working? (and what isn’t!)
With a clear Instagram strategy in your toolkit, you have a much higher chance of staying on track, delivering useful & impactful content, and reaching your goals.
Your coaching sessions with me will give you some much needed clarity, help you set realistic goals & then go smash them!


What 's Included ?

  •  4 x 1hr coaching sessions over Zoom, including tutorials, problem solving, goal setting & more!

  • Customised action plan with recommendations for optimising your profile, bio, content creation, stories, visibility strategy, community building and more.



Laura Brunnen @iamlaurabrunnen

I’d had a personal IG account for a few years but had never ventured beyond sharing the odd photograph on it.  Then I set up a business and was faced with using IG as a social media marketing tool. Stories - Lives - Reels - hashtags - the "grid"... But Sarah came to my rescue with a step-by-step plan for getting me familiar with all the things. Sarah was incredibly patient taking me through everything, but in a measured way so I didn't feel overwhelmed.  She helped me come up with an achievable plan for posting content. I found the live coaching sessions particularly helpful as we could walk through the different types of posts in real time; Sarah could show me how to use something and could answer my questions on the spot as I fumbled my way around the IG app. Whilst I've only been posting for a couple of months and my following is still relatively small, I've got much higher engagement rates than many other people in my industry with larger followings. I've no doubt this is down to the solid foundations Sarah has helped me put in place.


Chaya Stern @eatersandfeeders

I truly enjoyed working with Sarah. She has an engaging teaching style, paces her teaching to the learners, and presents clear practical information. I learned so many cool features and how to maximize Instagram. For one session I chose to hire Sarah instead of spending hours trying to figure things out on my own and it was totally worth it!