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Sometimes when I’m speaking with my Instagram coaching clients & I ask “who is your audience?”, I’ll get that dreaded answer: “Oh, my products/services are for EVERYONE!”

Everyone? Really? There are currently 1.4 billion people on Instagram, and you plan on appealing to all of them?

How’s that working out for you?

The fact is, when you think you are marketing to everyone, your message becomes so generic and ‘vanilla’ that you end up not resonating with anyone.

Take me for example:

I tend to go against the grain; I question things, I’m terribly honest & open & often quite raw. I have ADHD, I get tongue tied and often forget what I’m saying halfway through sentences.

I feel things deeply and get very ranty & passionate.

I live for podcasts, books, branding & tech. And I bring all of this and more into my online world and share it.

I am not everyone’s cup of tea.

And you know what else, I think that’s AWESOME!

Because it means that if I play my cards right, the people who will approach me to work with me will be MY KINDA PEOPLES!!

It is soooo important to be unapologetically you in your business and if by being more YOU when you show up online, you repel some people , so what?! You are not Nutella, not everyone will love you!

Bring it on I say.

Because while you’re repelling the people who were never meant to be YOUR clients in the first place, you’ll be attracting & making room for others; namely the ones who will love you and love how you work your magic.

So, make room for your people; help them find you by showing up as the authentic you & getting really clear on who you are talking to.

And those people? They will be your raving fans, your ideal audience and your future clients.

Do you know who you are speaking to?..


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