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Updated: Mar 30, 2022

I don’t want to freak you out here but let’s be honest- your audience are judging you..

In other words, they are gathering information about you and building up a picture of you. They are noticing your expertise, taking note of your opinions, reading about your solutions to their problems, listening to your stories and making a decision as to whether they want to stay in your world/buy from you/ engage with you.

But how to figure out what your audience needs from you?

Apart from their desire for your posts to be original, creative, relevant, authentic, with a sense of humor, what else do you know about what they want? Here are some ideas of how to begin building up a clearer picture:

Keyword research – The most popular search terms on Google aren’t always going to be the most popular on YouTube so make sure to search across platforms.

Start with the topic you’re interested in, e.g llamas, and start typing “why llamas”; see which suggestions come up in the search bar & note them down.

Surveys/feedback – Aka ask your people! Your audience, your past clients. Compose simple & quick surveys and get feedback from them after you work together, to understand what it was like working with/buying from you and how you could have improved. Ask them for testimonials. The more you can get used to asking for feedback & input, the more you’ll see what goes on in their heads. It all helps!

Look at patterns on your website – If you have a website, it’s vital that you have access to the analytics. You need to know how people are finding you & what they are doing once they get to your site. Are loads of them finding your site via a Pinterest post of yours? Are lots of people going straight to look at your pricing? or your testimonials? It’s another piece of the puzzle when building a picture of who your audience is.

Visit forums from your industry – I belong to quite a few photography forums & FB groups where people share all kinds of things, including client experiences. It’s a great way to get more insight into my potential clients’ world & way of thinking, without actually having the experience myself!

Understand which generation your audience is – When I write my posts, I know that I am talking to Gen X & Millenials. I am most definitely not aiming to appeal to Gen Z (though I am happy if I do!) Do you know which generation your audience is?

What else would you add to this list?!

Leave me a comment & let me know!


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