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How to make friends with hashtags in 5 easy steps

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

So here’s the thing about hashtags. You can love them, you can hate them, you can do both all at the same time..


you cant deny how awesome they are. I mean, seriously, just think about this for a second. You stick this little symbol in front of your carefully planned out keywords and all of a sudden you’ve reached a bunch of new people FOR FREE! (I would give you an official percentage of how many new accounts I reached BUT I DON’T DO MATHS!).


But where to begin? Very good question!


1. Stop guessing! Use hashtags that you have researched rather than just made up on the spot or swiped from someone else’s post that has nothing to do with yours. There are so many websites that can help you get started with researching hashtags in your niche but one of my faves is because I find it really easy to use. Give it a whirl! Using hashtags that are relevant to your post will give you a much better chance of being seen by the right people.

2. Use new hashtags all the time: If you just copy and paste the same bunch of hashtags to every post, you may be mistaken for a bot & flagged for spam so make sure to keep it fresh & keep up the research from step no.1

3. Aim to use all 30 hashtags: IMHO you can use 30 hashtags for FREEEE so why not go for it? You want to try and use a mixture of small, medium & large sized hashtags. What does that mean?

Try this rule of thumb:


4. Use hashtags on stories: Instagram allows you to use up to 10 hashtags on a story. Again, it’s free, it’s cool, so why not? If you don’t want people to see them cos they look messy, you can hide them underneath a stickers, camouflage them in the background or shrink the text down so small that we don’t even see it. #sosneaky

5. Join my FREE crash course ‘Hack Your Instagram Hashtags’: if you want to start reaching more of the right kind of people on Instagram, you need to make friends with hashtags, understand how to use them and PRACTICE! And I have the perfect opportunity for you right here! This crash course runs from December 27-31. Each day you’ll get an email with the daily topic & a task via email & also in our Facebook group. And I’ll see you every evening in the FB group for our live Q&A!!

People! It is time to start using hashtags in your social media posts. So get ready to roll up your sleeves, learn how to use Instagram hashtags to your advantage and create a hashtag strategy that works for you & your brand!


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