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5 tips for entrepreneurs with ADHD

Hi to all you entrepreneurs out there with ADHD. I see you. I salute you. And contrary to what you may believe, you are very much not alone!

When I found out I had ADHD (at the age of 46), I was actually overjoyed! It made so much sense to me and it gave me permission to let go of all the negative labels I had attached to my behavior (“ditzy”, “scatterbrain”, “would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on”) and focus on all the benefits of having this ‘type’ of brain:

eg., I’m always taking action, I’m constantly coming up with new ideas, I can laser-focus on things that fascinate me, and I’m happy to take risks and ‘give it a go’.

But if you’re not feeling this way about your ADHD and you’d like to know how to start making friends with your brain & work more efficiently, here are a few avenues I would recommend exploring:

  1. Get yourself an ADHD coach. I worked with Alana Stern on Zoom and it was life changing.

  2. Start using some kind of system like Trello or Notion to collect all your thousands of ideas.

  3. Use a journal, even if it’s just to have a good old brain dump at the start of the day.

  4. Minimize distractions - when I am working, I try to have my phone on DND mode and keep Facebook closed on my computer. I also like to open up the ‘Insight Timer’ app and play some Ocean sounds, high spiritual vibration music or listen to some relaxing piano tunes.

  5. Set recurring notifications on your phone. Hat tip to my ADHD coach for encouraging me to do this - I no longer forget to turn up places, as long as it’s set as a reminder in my phone!

💡What else would you add to the list of things to try?!


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