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Stop the bullying

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was still trying to find myself in my business. I knew what my passion was, I knew I was great at what I did, but I also could see that I was playing small and leaving so much on the table.

I wanted to take my business to the next level, but I didn’t really know What that next level looked like, or entailed & had no idea how to get there.

So I did what ( I think) most of us would do in this situation; I started to follow people who had ‘made it’ in my eyes, in the hope of some direction, guidance & inspiration.

And I found myself following one person on a regular basis, because her 6:00am FB lives, came out at 8:00am my time which was really convenient.

I saw a recurring theme in what she was saying which was “if you care enough about your business, you’ll do what ever it takes to be a success, to scale, to hustle, to up-level, to (insert favorite cliche here)” And then she went on to urge everyone to join her membership ( I don’t remember the price but it was more than I could afford so I wasn’t going to join.

But here comes the good bit. The part that rings in my head & still makes me ranty. She said “And for everyone who is telling themselves right now that they cant afford it, I CALL BULLSHIT”

That’s right ladles & jellyspoons – you may be worrying about paying this month’s school tuition and utility bills but if you tell me that you cant afford a coaching program, we are calling bullshit on that.


I mean really?

How about this:

  1. How about we call bullshit on the bullying?

  2. How about if someone doesn’t have the funds for your program right now, you don’t make them feel small?

  3. How about you welcome them into your world, offer them a nice comfy chair & tell them there are plenty of free resources for them to binge on?

  4. How about you don’t shame them when their account is in overdraft & they just can’t carry on spending money that they don’t have?

  5. How about we call bullshit on manipulating people & preying on them when they are at their most vulnerable?

Whatdayathink? Sound like a plan?


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