‘Wise old man, won’t you help me, please? My house is a squash and a squeeze.’

Last Monday I met Katie and her family in Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv. Katie and I first met online and last week was our first time meeting in real life  (she took part in my very first online photography course ‘Our Beautiful Life’. SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: Round 2 registration for ‘Our Beautiful Life’ is going to open up very soon & it’s going to be awesome! Check out the details here https://sarahraanan.com/our-beautiful-life/) Anyway, I digress.

After a teeny tiny little bit of getting lost thanks to daft taxi drivers, all the family met up by the lake for their photo session. I love photographing in parks like Park Hayarkon; whatever time of day it is, there’s bound to be plenty of shady spots. It’s such a good idea to bring toys/books/bikes/fave things  for your kids if you think it will help put them at ease and keep them occupied. Thankfully, Katie brought the BEST props with her to keep her kids happy, but the biggest hit of all had to be ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ (totally love this book!)

Take a look at some of my favorite images from this session. These are all real smiles guys! Family photo sessions can be so much fun…


Just a few of the gorgeous images from our session!….

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