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What To Expect In Your Headshot Session

Updated: May 1, 2022

“Hi Sarah! I wanted to say that I love the photos so much- thank you again for them! Will be uploading a new Facebook pic soon, as well as putting them up on my website :)
I can't think of any changes to them- they're all great!”

This is a WhatsApp message I got from my client, Aharon.

Aharon is a clinical psychology intern who approached me looking for some new headshots for his website.

Headshot sessions are very different to personal branding sessions - they are short (30 mins) and our aim is really to get a decent amount of images (around 10-15) that can be used for updating your headshots on Linkedin/Fb etc, submitting photos for speaking events, used on the 'About Me' section of your website etc.

There isn’t any deep storytelling going here, or outfit changing, or props. And this, for now, is exactly what Aharon needed.

Aharon has recently expanded his clinic to Raanana (in addition to Netanya), and meets with children, teens and adults. You can read more on his website

You can find the info about headshot sessions in the ‘branding photography’ section of my site, affectionately know as’ The Quick One’ package here


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