The Mamarazzi Workshops Round 2 – Learn how to photograph your children & love it!

As a slightly photo obsessed mother, I know how important it is to have great photos of your family and loved ones. I can’t begin to describe the joy & pleasure I got from wading through 12 years of my daughter’s photos for her Bat Mitzvah slide show and finding that every image I chose was an image I was proud to show! Taking your children and family to a professional photographer a few times a year is an incredibly important way to document your family’s milestones, but as a mother to small children who are changing almost on a weekly basis, you need a way to fill the gaps between photography sessions.

I have developed this workshop for mothers who feel the same way i do about capturing our children’s fleeting childhoods on camera (Of course, savtas, sisters and aunties are welcome too!) If you want to know how to take better pictures of your baby, children and family in between professional photo shoots, this is the workshop for you. The first round of Mamarazzi Workshops were such a success that I am now running another one for all those who couldn’t attend the first time!!

Details: Thursday March 10th, 8-10pm at the home of Andi Saitowitz 29/1 Rechov Golomb, Raanana

The cost is 140 NIS for the 2 hour workshop and the workshop booklet.

This two-hour class with Sarah Raanan will teach you all you’ve always wanted to know to help you capture great images of your children, grand-children and families!

When you register, you can also email a picture of your child/grandchild that you have taken and enter to win a complimentary portrait session and a disc of up to 15 4×6 size images from Sarah Raanan Photography.

Call me or email me for more info and to sign up – spaces are very limited

Looking forward! Sarah Raanan

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