{The Freckles Project} “I’m the only person with my freckle Pattern…”

So, I’ve been offline for a while, galavanting round Tanzania climbing a really big mountain and then coming down again. While I was away, I kept thinking about writing this post because I knew which image I would be using (and because thinking about my photography was a really good distraction from thinking about the cold and dirt and general painfulness of climbing).  I just love the cheeky boyishness of this capture and I chose not to edit out his scab in Photoshop because boys need to climb things and fall over and be full of scabs and cuts and bruises!

Here’s what Otii had to say about his freckles:


“I really like my freckles because I like the Orangy colour of them –  and they are unique to me – so I’m the only person with my freckle Pattern.”- Otti H, age 9

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