Thank heaven for little girls!

Oh my! 4 young ladies, each with their very distinct look and personality. It’s sessions like these where I wish I had an hour with each child, but we made the most of it and boy did I enjoy them!

I always love that part at the end of the session where the mother looks at me and says “do you think you got anything good?” and i just smile sweetly and say “yep, i think so”. then I go home, upload their gallery and just wait for the “OMG!!!” email!

I enjoyed the tree pictures at the end of our session the most, getting the kids up in to the trees and dying laughing trying to get them all down again. We decided against putting the baby in the tree….

Thank you guys, it was a treat meeting you all and you were a total pleasure to work with. Am coming over in a few weeks to make sure that canvas is hanging in your home 🙂