Testimonial from Samantha Bronstein | @disabledreamer

“While I was nervous about this photoshoot, the photos that I got showed me and reminded me of different sides of me that I many-a-time struggle to share.

I love how she managed to get an authentic smile from me, as someone who struggles with pain and lived with people who couldn’t handle me being in pain I’ve learned to smile and hide pain and struggles, so authentically smiling feels so different.

I used to say “I don’t like smiling” and “it looks and feels weird” but that was tied into the pressures of smiling.

It’s pretty cool to also understand the dynamics and history of my struggle with smiling and I look forward to authentically sharing my smile with the world.

Working together during the session was the perfect balance of her getting me in great positions for shots and listening to what I wanted and thought might be good as well. I am now looking forward to when I need new photos and get to work with Sarah again.” —  Samantha Bronstein

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