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R. K. Mayer was born in Cape Town, South Africa and lives in Israel with her husband and three children and many existential questions about the universe. She has had many professions, including teacher, technical writer, manager, and organisational lead for change management.

But nowadays, she is the founder and CEO of MatterMorphica: an organisation established to create engaging and original resources for organisational transformation to be used by managers, consultants, educators and parents. She has also, very proudly, just published her first novel: “The Perfection of the Glass Lemons”.

She approached me looking for head-shots for her public web spaces and profile pages, and also for use on the back cover of any future books she writes.

In her answers to my questionnaire, she wrote that she hadn’t liked any head-shots of her in the past as she had looked “posed, awkward and uncomfortable.”

When asked if there’s anything else I should know, she wrote:

“I’m camera shy! I’m un-photogenic”

Something about being told that a person is ‘un-photogenic’, activates some kind of ‘challenge button’ for me. I know this sounds a little crazy but I think “Un-photogenic! amazing. Let me show you..”

As I hope you will see from the photos, I think we may have put this idea of hers to rest. She is no longer allowed to say the phrase “I’m un-photogenic.”

I am posting the link Ronit’s blog post about her head-shot experience below (she very kindly left out the part where a bird crapped on me from a tree and she wiped it off. Now we have to be friends forever. And it was really quite funny.)

Think I can’t get a good head-shot of you ? Try me…. 😉





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