Surprise for daddy!

This session was very special! It was my first booking in Israel and it was also a surprise for the daddy’s birthday. I don’t think i have ever come across two such gorgeous, cooperative children!

0911_Temerlies November 2009_002

I am so used to running around a park/back garden/studio, chasing after the kids to get my shots. These two just stayed still and did everything I ask of them. Totally threw me.

I asked their mummy what the secret is and she promised that she’s going to let me know ;)…

I found these great ‘iced cookies’ in the shape of letters & numbers, and i bought the numbers 4 & 0 (daddy’s age, secret’s out now). Turns out there was no cookie, just icing….

0911_Temerlies November 2009_066

Thought mum was going to kill me but she was very cool about the whole extreme food coloring and sugar rush situation…


Thanks guys for a fantastic start to my career here in Israel.