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SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY TIP NO.7: Move closer for the close ups

Close ups close ups close ups

If you want to take photos of people/things and concentrate on their features/details, and if we are not particularly interested in the context and environment they are in (especially when the context is unsightly, like a background of unfolded laundry) your best bet is to get in as close as possible WITH YOUR FEET.

I know this sounds obvious but a lot of times, we don’t automatically think of this. We have got so used to the zoom, first on on our ‘real’ cameras and now on our smartphones, that we have become lazy and rarely think about moving.

But why get closer to your subject instead of zooming ? Good question.

Smartphones today all have digital zooms that allow you to get a close up image of your subject with a swipe of your fingers. This sounds like a great feature, but what the user manual doesn’t point out is that using it will affect the quality of your images. The digital zoom will fill your frame in a similar way to cropping an image, by decreasing the amount of pixels in your shots which can leave you with a really low quality, pixelated image.

And with the amazing quality of smartphone cameras today, it’s a real shame to be taking poor quality images. So basically, stop it!


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