Summer modeling sessions – Part one

This summer was  crazy whirlwind of fantastic-ness! I do not remember a busier, more frantic time in my life. But when I look back on it now, I just smile. It was nuts, but all worth it in the end..

So, lets see – first there was a week of modeling sessions with my very talented friend Courtney Matevey of Green Apple Photo who came to New Jersey to stay with me and introduce me to some new ideas for indoor and outdoor lighting. I photographed 9 models in the space of 4 days, and each and every session was incredible. My brain was almost exploding with information by the end of day 4 🙂

Next on the agenda  was the Ben Porat Yosef Scholarship fund walkathon, where we raised over $40,000 for the school scholarship fund.  On top of this, I had 18 client sessions to fit in, scheduled around the totally awful weather we were facing this summer. Oh and did i mention emigrating?! And totally redesigning my website?! And planning a surprise trip to the UK for my 11 year old?!! Needless to say, it was a tiny bit hectic but wow, every session I shot was just fantastic and I am so looking forward to writing about each one.

I am kicking off my blogging with my very awesome summer models. Little Mr ‘M’ was just too much! His dreamy marble eyes & those luscious lips! And what about his hair?! He just looks like a pro doesn’t he? I just love this image of him, totally dreamy..

0906_MY_ June 2009_040

Next was Mr C – he’s an old hand at this modeling thing. I am so used to chasing after children, camera in one hand and tickle-brush/puppet/balloon/jelly beans in the other! But along comes Mr C, all cheeky grins and smiles and just sits there, co-operating perfectly! I narrowed his top images down to 30 but for the blog, I had to pick just one..wasn’t easy!

Mr C June 2009

Little Mr R was more was I was expecting from a kid’s modeling session – lots of running around and negotiating (read:bribes). The jelly beans were a big hit, but even jelly beans were not anywhere near as exciting as just hanging out and having alone time with mommy! So many gorgeous, smiley images of Mr R that I could share, but I am drawn to this moody black and white…

0906_Mr R June 2009_059

Sometimes you meet a child and you can see they are gorgeous, but then you get behind the camera and.. wow! There’s a reason for the cliche “the camera loves you”. Miss K came to my studio looking like a million dollars and then I took a look at her through my lens. Delicious!

0906_Miss k June 2009_017

Stay tuned for the next 5 beauties, coming soon!