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Life can be so beautiful sometimes, cant it?

You know, those amazing moments with family or friends where you suddenly realise you are witnessing something so special that you can hear the movie soundtrack of your life playing in your head and you just want to freeze that moment before it disappears?

And then sometimes you are witness to so much suffering, ugliness and evil in the world that you can barely breathe and you find it so hard to feel the joy and see the good that is there, right before your eyes.

The ‘Our Beautiful Life’ Smartphone Photography Project will guide you towards uncovering and discovering the good and the beautiful – to see the light shining through the darkness and to be awakened by the every-day wonders surrounding you, through the eye of a lens. ‘Our Beautiful Life’ will empower you and remind you that it’s all the little things, the little details that make us full, that bring meaning to our lives that make our existence meaningful.

‘Our Beautiful Life’ is a Smartphone Photography e-course for mums with children of every age. This course was made for mums who take photos with their smart phones and feel guilty that they aren’t using a ‘real camera’. It’s for moms who juggle and crave balance in their lives and a deeper dimension to their parenting.

‘Our Beautiful Life’ is a creative outlet for mamas who just want to slow down, reconnect and remind themselves of the beauty and joy of being a mom. It’s the gift of ‘me time’ for mums who want to express themselves through photography and find the extraordinary in the ordinary and in their every day routines. This project is for moms at all levels of photographic experience; because its not about the nuts and bolts of photography – it’s about finding the beauty in the mess. It’s about joy and laughter, baking and ice lollies, goose bumps and giggles, snuggles and ring ‘a roses.

The OBL Project is

slowing down,


letting go,

reconnecting …

‘Our Beautiful Life’ is for all you mamas.

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