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Sarah Raanan Photography: {Headshots} – Anna –

I have a new-found love. (I mean apart from my UE BOOM2 Speakers. Oh and Ten Acre Chicken Soup Crisps)

I really really love photographing head shots. At first I found the transition from babies to adults a little taxing. You can’t blow raspberries and play peekaboo behind the camera anymore, that aint gonna work. But I feel like I’ve really settled in to my groove now and I’m even loving the challenge of turning up at a client’s home and finding at least 4 different settings to shoot in. And helping them out with clothing choices. But most of all, I love the feedback and I love seeing their new images popping up all over their social media pages.

Which brings me to Anna:

So thrilled with these shots. The camera loved her. And so did I 😉


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