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Personal Branding Photography Session: Felicity Kay

Personal Branding Photography Session Personal Branding Photography Session

Felicity Kay reached out to me a few weeks ago to book a personal branding session and after our discovery call, I knew we were a perfect fit. Then she filled out my questionnaire and I knew we were going to be friends! I mean, one of the questions I ask is “what is your favorite snack, and she answered “obvvy chocolate. Actually, biscuits. I go crazy for biscuits. And ice cream. And crisps. Burgers, sushi and pizza too.” – (she had me at chocolate🤣). Then I read that her dog Bella was going to part of the shoot, and I felt like the angels were really looking out for me.

She is the CEO of the content agency called ‘All This Content’. She established the agency to fulfil a need she had when working in content production and product management, ensuring that hi-tech, entrepreneurs and businesses had the reliable, high-quality and quickly returned content they’d been searching for. ‘All This Content’ has provided clients with higher CTR, CR, signups, purchases and more – all from a solid, coherent and skilled content strategy.

I loved every minute of this session. A photo session with a fellow brit, food lover, dog lover & tech lover? In a beautiful office (which we managed to get ourselves locked into at one point!)

Here’s a little taste of the magic…



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