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Personal Branding Photography Session: Bayla Haskel (Veg It Out!)

This is Bayla Haskel, the truly wonderful whiz behind

Veg it Out is all about making Veggies sexy again through easy and yummy recipes and Meal Plans. “Because veggies are not just a side to add color to your plate!”

I started following Bayla on Instagram and I loved all the vegan recipes, hacks and meal plans she was posting. And then, to add to the excitement, this month she announced that she was launching the beta version of ‘Veg it Out Meal Delivery.’

I had the absolute pleasure of spending a morning with Bayla, photographing some of her main dishes for her meal delivery service and teaching her some new photography tricks so she would have the tools to take her own photos too, using her iPhone.

Bayla wasn’t always a vegan chef though! She worked in high-tech for the last five years. Although she loved her job and working with cutting edge technology, she couldn’t wait to come home and create a new dish for dinner. The only problem was that she was a workaholic, with three children and a husband! After finishing her calls with silicon valley at 11pm every night, she was exhausted. But she wanted good food. She wanted her own food.

After her father passed away from leukemia in 2016, she started becoming obsessed with what she was putting in her body, what she was feeding her children and what kind of habits they were building around food. She read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan which changed her whole perspective on “health”.

“Healthy food is not just eating the whole wheat bread and 0% yogurt. It is about eating real foods, foods that are identifiable.”

So, that is how Bayla started her journey towards a plant-based diet. Since then her cooking has only become better.

“When you are forced to make everything from scratch, all of a sudden everything tastes amazing! It is like magic. As a mother of three and the main breadwinner, I needed to find simple, fast and unprocessed food recipes.”

This is the mindset all of her recipes come from. And it shows. Having tasted everything that I photographed I can tell you, I am on that waiting list for when Veg it Out Meal Delivery starts deliveries !!!

Read more about everything that Bayla has to offer at


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