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Why do I need a personal branding photographer?

Personal Branding is a big buzzword at the moment. Companies are investing big time their ‘brand image’, slowly realizing that good branding goes so much further than a pretty logo and a swanky business card.

🎞 So, what is a ‘Personal Brand’? 🎞 Every image that you post online, every post that you write, contributes to how your following will perceive you. Your branding ultimately reflects your personality, talents, opinions & passions; it’s how people will see, recognise & perceive you. Those of us who are striving to build up a strong & successful personal brand, are aiming to be authentic, to be different & unique, to provide our followers with valuable content and to nurture genuine relationships and dialogue.

🎞 Whether we like it or not, we all make very quick decisions about people that we follow – there’s so much content to consume, we take less than 30 seconds to form our first impressions & decide if we want to stay & read or scroll on past. 🎞 Why do I need professional images? 🎞 Consistency in branding is vital. How we portray ourselves visually to our potential clients – through our branding colors, fonts, designs and images – is what ensures that we are continually recognisable on a visual level. You have to stand out online, you have to be consistent, you need people to see you & remember you. If you want people to see you, you have to stop hiding! We are sensory creatures, but so much of our day to day decision making – on a conscious and unconscious level – is made with our eyes. 🎞 So, here’s where I come in! Hi! 🎞 Professional Branding Photography, with a photographer who understands how it all works, will reinforce your personal brand, help you to connect with your clients and make you stand out from the crowd. 🎞 If you have any kind of online business, unique, top-quality, authentic branding photography is vital to the appeal and impact of your brand. 🎞

Next up on FAQ’s – “What should I wear?!”

Why do I need a personal branding photographer? Why do I need a personal branding photographer? Why do I need a personal branding photographer?


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