Our Beautiful Life Project Round 2 – coming soon!

The week has drawn to a close and with it went the final days of the Our Beautiful Life Project Round 1! This was the very first group of the project and we were lucky enough to have 25 very special ladies from 6 different countries around the globe!

It was a truly amazing experience; seeing these women – most of whom were total strangers -coming together in the name of creativity and ‘me time’ to share snippets of their lives.

We shared in each others joys, frustrations, we shared our feelings of gratitude and also our simple, daily challenges of being mothers. Of course, along the way, we also learned a thing or two about taking awesome smartphone photos – how to compose, edit, how to find good lighting, focus, how to see things from a different perspective and much much more..

Here’s some of the AMAZING feedback that has come through so far:

“Sarah, what you put together with Our Beautiful Life Project was spectacular. Quotes, articles, inspiration, ideas – it has been so much more than just a photography course, for me it has been a mini-course in rediscovering the joy in everyday life! The amount of energy, time and love you obviously invested in this project shone through in your daily emails and challenges. (note: If you’re ever looking for a second career, it should be as a Life Coach). I have ended the course feeling creatively renewed RE taking photos, but I’m also thinking bigger – thinking about my life differently, appreciating so many different aspects, big to small, and generally feeling buoyed by all the inspiration you have sent to us over the last week, and the opportunity to share inspiration, photos and snippets of our lives with a great community of other amateur photographers. It was fab. THANK YOU!!” – Dannii

“A well thought out and professional course into using your phone camera in ways you never imagined. Learn to make your everyday photos into something special with a talented photographer who understands how life is bringing up our families. A great distraction from routine and being part of the group provides an intimate forum to privately share the journey with. Highly recommended!” – Deborah

“I went in to the course open minded, keen to take better pictures. I finished the course inspired to be happier and more confident. Go figure!” – Ash

“For 10 days I woke up excited to find your email with the mission for the day. I went straight for it in my cluttered inbox! To hell with the world, everything else can wait, this course was all about me being indulgent and allowing myself me-time. I’m really happy I signed up! Makes me wonder what other things I could squeeze into my life that make me feel alive, inspired, creative and grateful. Thank you! X” – Sarah

“Sarah – I wanted to thank you personally for clearly spending so many hours and putting the most unbelievable amount of effort into developing and running this wonderful course. I’ve absolutely loved it. I haven’t had huge amounts of time to devote to proper photo taking, so probably haven’t taken the most creative photos ever, but the tips and apps I’ve picked up have been great and I’ll definitely be experimenting more now. I’ve also totally loved the insights – probably even more than the photography (am I allowed to say that?!?!). I’m going to go back over each lesson, look carefully at all the links and buy some of your recommended books. Thank you so so much” – Debra

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