“my heart my soul my pride my joy my boy my everything”

I was so thrilled when my dear friend Sabrina contacted me about booking a ‘baby plan’ package of maternity, newborn and family portraits. People often ask me why they would bring their newborns for a photo session; why not wait until they are sitting up and are a bit more interesting? This is such a common  mistake! They will only be newborns for such a short amount of time and you want to capture that fleeting moment in their lives! Newborns must be photographed within with the first 2 weeks of life, and preferably within the first week. At this stage, they are usually still very small and sleepy and will usually still be curling up in that adorable fetal position. Of course you can always record these moments for yourself too, but you should also consider the difference in hiring a professional photographer who will produce professional artistic portraits that you can treasure.

Just look at these images of precious little Levi. It took a long time to get each shot, and everything had to be just right, including switching off the A/C so the room was nice and toasty! I will often take 20 minutes, maybe more, just to get one shot, especially if baby needs to feed in between or messes a blanket which then needs to be changed. Sessions can take anything up to 3 hours and during that time we will attempt about 5 different poses. But  look at the results that you get to treasure forever!