My Glamour Girls

Ok, not sure how on earth this slipped through the net but I was just about to get started on a new blog post when i suddenly realised that I hadnt blogged one of my fave sessions from way back in May! One man, so blessed with 5 beautiful women! Leaves me wondering what his secret is to surviving all those female hormones 😉 …. Until very recently, we were neighbours and thankfully we are all still good friends. We were so lucky to fall upon such good neighbours when we first arrived here and now that we have moved, we will really miss seeing them every day & popping across the road barefoot to borrow onions, sugar, and various other random items! Anyway, we got together to take some post Bat Mitzvah images of Adina and all the family, after all the excitement of the day had calmed down a little. I have (as usual) so many favourite images that these really dont do it justice. Maybe i’ll post a slideshow here in a few days so you can see all the images! I loved photographing them all, they are all so gorgeous and so unique. I will be grabbing the older two for some very funky, grungy modeling sessions soon so keep a look out!