My first kibbutz session!

This was such a special session. Abigail and I have been friends for so many years and through the help of Facebook, email and occasional reunions, we have managed to stay in touch and watch each others families grow. When I was still in America, Abigail talked about having this session and we even discussed what day of the week we would do it and how. Luckily for us, she figured that combining the shoot with a weekend visit at her kibbutz would be the best solution! 🙂 So, we all spent shabbat with the Madmoni family and had the photo shoot on the Friday afternoon. It’s so amazing to look into these beautiful children’s eyes and see different pieces of their parents, in their features and their expressions. I had an amazing time getting to know the kids and driving round kibbutz looking for different places to shoot. I am super super thrilled with the images (and there are many) Here are just some of my faves…..