how does a mad scientist go?

I met up with these gorgeous guys yesterday in their local park…

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I mentioned to their mum that her baby daughter may find herself with a little bit of a problem when she grows up and wants to start dating – i.e., her protective brothers! It was so amazing to see how much these boys doted on heir little sister, and how they take care of her spontaneously, without having to be asked/told!

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I was also struck by how well behaved they were, again, no running around like a lunatic, we just hung out, and they listened to everything I said (can we bottle this and market it maybe?)

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The session wasnt without action of course – we had the wet paint incident where all the benches in the park had been painted brown but the ‘wet paint’ sign had blown off the first row of benches, and mummy sat down on one of them….no, I didnt get a photo of that 🙂 Nor did i get  photo of the loopy dog who escaped his owner and bounded towards Baby M (who was as cool as a cucumber and totally unfazed by the incident)

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