Holy Bat Mitzvah Season Batman!

In the last few weeks I think I have been to 4 Bat Mitzvahs. And without fail, each time I see the slideshow or the baby photos it makes me so emotional. I mean I know I may seem biased, being a photographer and all that but at the end of the day, we realise just how important it is to photograph our children! Forget to take your camera out for a few months, especially when the kids are younger and you’ll miss something really important (those gaps in your son’s teeth, your daughter’s new short haircut, your baby sitting up, taking his first steps…)

Meet Eliora, one of the Bat Mitzvah girls I had the pleasure of capturing. An incredible half half mix of her dear mum and dad, it’s uncanny. She’s confident and funny and friendly and cool. How is that possible at 12? I wish i’d have had a cup full of her confidence at that age! Needless to say photographong her was  a breeze…


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