Gorgeous Girlies

So, if you remember, back in October I ran a competition to fill in an on-line survey and be entered into a prize draw to win a 450 NIS credit towards a family session. The lucky winner, Sabrina, was announced here and we finally got together for our session a couple of weeks ago.

Thank gd I am so busy with work at the moment that I was considering neglecting my blog for a while longer, but I couldnt let another day go by without blogging about these special women.

Sabrina and I met on September 1st, on our daughters’ first day at Gan. I took this photo with my phone on day 1, when it was time to come pick them up.


Instant bonding…

From the moment i met her, I was struck by how real and warm Sabrina is and how naturally beautiful too but I will get killed for saying that in public so i’ll leave it out 🙂 So, it will come as no surprise that PPP she has 3 gorgeous, free spirited girls. And that I was so so excited when I drew her name in the prize draw

I always say that selecting images for my blog and Facebook is a hard task, so I wont repeat myself this time. I had such fun with them on the beach, they were amazing to work with (if you can call frolicking on the beach with 3 gorgeous girls ‘work’!)

I am so excited to see these images up in their new house! Thanks so much girlies for such an unforgettable session!