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Client Session Feature: Nechama Leah Dahan

Nechama Leah Dahan is a singer and voice teacher. She helps women find their authentic sound, build confidence, access the balance and power they didn’t know they had, and express their unique creativity.

Nechama Leah was that kid that was always singing, dancing, and imitating funny voices. She grew up performing in school musicals and playing classical violin from the age of 8.

Her biggest message to the world is all about owning your authentic voice and I love that. Everything about Nechama Leah oozes authenticity. I love this quote from her website “I believe that through singing we can connect to our true selves in a way no other instrument can facilitate. My teaching style is a blend of technical and spiritual and explores the mind-body connection in singing.”

You can find her website at and make sure to follow her on Instagram at (I’m a huge fan of her ‘Voice Teacher Reacts’ videos.) Basically I am a huge fan. She is awesome with a cherry on top & if it looks like we had fun together during our photo session, that’s because WE DID!


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