Clean My Room, Buy Me Stuff, Do My Laundry

I dont know if my computer remembers who I am as I have so little time to spend with it this month, but I HAD to just get here and post this.

So dad and his kids decide to get together and surpise mum for her 50th birthday by doing a photo session of the kids and making her some canvases.

I discuss the session with dad; where it will be, when, what they will wear, how they will get there, what he’s hoping to get out of the session. Not easy arrange at all with 3 kids and their schedules, especially with one of them in the army but we are flexible and persevere and we figure it out.

He reminds me that they are older kids and are not going to want to do all the cutesy things that I do with little kids.

So I turn up at the park and there they all are, waiting for me, ready and willing to do anything.

We do water fights, we do petal blowing, we do chalk boards, we do recreating old photos.

They are totally and utterly gorgeous and cooperative and enthusiastic , so much so that you have to frogive the messages they choose to write on their chalk boards: “Clean My Room, Buy Me Stuff, Do My Laundry”

One week later, it’s mum’s birthday and she’s presented with two gorgeous canvases – one large color one (seen bottom left in this collage) and one square black and white (top right)


A happy happy birthday girl. Cant wait to see them unwrapped & up on the walls!!! Thank you for the priviledge xxx



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