“Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet….”

Wow. what a session! It wasn’t easy choosing guys!! In just an hour, we captured so many great images and had so much fun doing it! Even Samson the dog was striking a pose by the end of it!

1003_Clements March 2010_297bnw

I really enjoyed meeting family C and observing the family dynamics. Four gorgeous children, all very close in age and very much a close unit. They have so much fun together. They are all very different personalities but each one of them was so friendly and open with me.

1003_Clements March 2010_043
1003_Clements March 2010_064

I think they especially enjoyed showing me their favorite things (and all taking turns taking my photo at the end of the session. Those photos will NOT be appearing here! I do love being BEHIND the camera :))

1003_Clements March 2010_085
1003_Clements March 2010_139

I saw some interesting family traditions – especially interesting was the bit where they all clambered on the car and Mr C drove the car forward. Apparently this happens a lot and i had no reason to panic and close my eyes in fear! 🙂

1003_Clements March 2010_267

Enjoy these sneak peeks Family C – looking forward to showing you the rest!

1003_Clements March 2010_036
1003_Clements March 2010_230
1003_Clements March 2010_280
1003_Clements March 2010_244