Bees & Bats and Snakes..oh my!!!

We had planned this session for many months and were very excited that the date had finally arrived. Michal had deliberated over the family’s wardrobe and everyone was dressed and beautifully coordinated. All that was left was to find a great location with plenty of greenery and place for the kids to run around and have fun. First stop, Park Canada. Not very much green but we decide to compromise….until the bees arrived. I have to say, I was trying to be brave but i am PETRIFIED of bees! There was no way we could carry on because Michal smells way too good and the bees were all over her 🙂 Not feeling pressured by time or anything but this had now eaten up about 30 mins of our session time and we had to find a new location FAST! We ended up in the most perfect strip of green just outside of Ramat Beit Shemesh, with plenty of trees for shade and the green that Michal so wanted in her images. (We’ll just gloss over the dead bat and the snake part…) As the sun started to set it created the most dreamy halos of light and we ended up with some of my fave images of all time. And we all lived happily ever after The End