Bat Mitzvah Session in the Park

I have been looking forward to this session for a while. I just knew it was going to be a lot of fun! Miss L is turning 12 and will be celebrating her Bat Mitzvah in a few weeks, so we all met up early one morning in park Raanana for an extended family photo session. It’s always really special to see how the children interact with each other, and with their grandparents and great grandparents! And look how well they co-ordinated their clothing is without looking all cutsie matchy 🙂

1004_Gerstler April 2010_115

I am in the process of updating my website with some new images and there are some here that just HAVE to go into my galleries!! Like this one…

1004_Gerstler April 2010_279-Edit

And this one…

1004_Gerstler April 2010_219-COMPOSITE

and sooooo many more! love them!!

How gorgeous is Miss L in these photos?

1004_Gerstler April 2010_344
1004_Gerstler April 2010_325
1004_Gerstler April 2010_358

Thank you family G for a lot of fun – I cant wait to get your order back and see the finish products!