Bat Mitzvah Photo Session – Family Berenblut

Dear Blog of Mine,

Once in a while I am lucky enough to be asked to photograph old friends;  very often it’s been an awful long time since we’ve seen each other and meanwhile they have gone and sprouted beautiful offspring. I don’t know why this should amaze me so much, I mean it’s not like I dont have 4 of my own, but still. Looking in to their faces and seeing their mummy’s cheeky grin or hearing them tell a story the same way their daddy does, it’s just incredible, isn’t it?! And as for the Bat Mitzvah girl, she was just so friendly and gorgeous from the minute I met her and she spoke so beautifully over the weekend. Blew me away.

We met up on Friday in my favorite park and I think we all did an AWESOME job together! Everyone was somehow miraculously coordinated/not clashing horribly and no one had a melt down and missed getting in the group shots! YAY for us all!!

Family Berenblut – thank you so so much for the opportunity to capture this special time for you and thank you so much for making me a part of your celebration!

Much love,