Announcing The Winner of The Big Bonanza Summer Session Giveaway!

185 likes. 152 comments. Story after story of why you all would love a photo session..

“We made aliyah in July and have been so busy planning and then settling in that we haven’t had a family portrait in 2 years. We would love a portrait session to commemorate our first aliyah-aversary this summer”

” I would love to be captured by you. We haven’t done any family shots in years and have a baby that’s not in any. This gift would be an opportunity we otherwise couldn’t indulge in”

“Your photographs emanate warmth, love and beauty. I’d love for you to capture that in our family. We’ve never done a professional photo shoot and our kids are growing up…oldest turning 17. Would hang it up in a central location in our home for all to enjoy”

“Because we have been wanting to do a family photo session ever since our 2 year old daughter with special needs was born but other things like therapy and doctors appointment took over our lives. And because your work is stunning!”

So many of you expressed the desire to take time out and capture your precious families before they grow and change any more! Almost everyone talked about how time flies by and you don’t stop and take a moment to do this, even though it’s so important to you.

It was a really emotional experience for me to read through all the comments and see how much each person wanted this prize. Obviously I can’t give it to everyone but I wanted to make sure that everyone who took the time to like and comment would come away with something. So, to everyone who participated in The Big Bonanza Summer Session Giveaway, i’m offering you all a 15% discount off a photo session. The discount will be valid from one year and all you have to do is email me at with the title “Big Bonanza Summer Session Giveaway” to claim your prize!

And now on to our winner. She was chosen at random which I always think is the fairest way. Tzippy Blaut-Rapp congratulations you won! Looking forward to hearing from you and taking your family portraits really soon!

Thanks so much to you all for being a part of this. Until the next time!

S x

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