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4 Types of Branding Photos Essential for Every Entrepreneur

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

If you’re planning a branding photo session (don’t worry if it isn’t with me…i’ll still talk to you) & you’re stuck for ideas of what to include on your ‘must-have’ list, here are 4 of my top ideas for you!


You'll definitely want a couple of shots where you look at the camera straight on, with plenty of gorgeous light in your smiling eyes. A reasonably sensible shot, mainly of your head, looking classy, professional, approachable, friendly (insert relevant description here) but at the same time, not forgetting to still be you (so,I will not get you to do cheesy arm-folding things if that just isn’t your thing.)


I always make sure to shoot plenty of shots of you ‘doing your thing’ - whether that is styling hair, writing a blog post, bottling up essential oils or coaching your client on ZOOM. We love a good old ‘Behind the scenes’ and these shots will always include props that can help connect your audience to you, your unique personality & what you do.


Your web designer will be ready to marry you if you make sure that plenty of your images have ‘negative space’ - where you are positioned slightly off to the side of your image & there’s plenty of empty space in the rest of the frame, which allows room to insert your text for banners, hero images etc.


We always plan for some fun, spontaneous shots. If possible, it’s always great to rope in other human beings so we can capture you interacting & showing off your magic ways. I love getting my clients to work through different facial expressions & of course, your favorite emojis!


I encourage you to look back at blog posts/social media posts etc you've written & you didn’t have the right image to go with it. What was it you were looking for? Let’s create it now! And which posts are you cooking up in your head? Do you have an event/launch in the pipeline? Let’s plan ahead & think of what you’ll be writing about in the future!

Ready to dive in? Book a call with me here!


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